Application Software for NetBSD

BSD daemon

Commercial software

NetBSD comes with an emulation system which allows a given port to run programs compiled for other operating systems. The emulations supported vary depending on the CPU.

Additionally there is a gallery of Commercial Software available specifically for NetBSD.

The NetBSD packages system (pkgsrc)

The NetBSD Packages Collection is the easiest method for installing hundreds of third party software packages onto a NetBSD system. It will automatically install any libraries or modules on which a given package depends.

Other third party software

Most other unix software can be downloaded, compiled, and installed as on any other unix system. It is not as seamless as software in the NetBSD packages system, but is generally relatively easy.

There's also a list of Third Party Software Distributed with NetBSD available.

Compiling/installing other software

Compiling/installing other software FAQs