The NetBSD Foundation 2020 Financial Report

Overview of the finances of The NetBSD Foundation for the year 2020

Description USD
Initial balance (2020–01–01) 198,580.71 USD
Adjustment [1] −12.49 USD
Income 46,663.02 USD
Expenditures −51,649.61 USD
Net assets change −4,986.59 USD
Final balance (2020–12–31) 193,581.63 USD
Donations 46,663.02 USD
Conference 2,736.52 USD
Consulting 35,918.81 USD
Currency exchange 729.39 USD
Fees 1,413.24 USD
Hardware 5,512.14 USD
Legal 4,732.00 USD
Marketing 94.14 USD
Operations 267.57 USD
Travel (fees after refund because pandemic) 245.80 USD

[1] A mistake in the ingestion of the Stripe 2017 donation data incorrectly counted a 12.49 USD credit card refund owing to a lost card as a donation. The Stripe data schema has since changed so that disputed transactions are reflected more clearly, and our script has been modified to handle them more gracefully in the future to avoid repeating the mistake.

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