NetBSD Community

Get in contact with other NetBSD users. Ask for help or share your experience and technical knowledge. Explore the activities and resources of the NetBSD community.

Mailing lists

NetBSD primarily "happens" on the mailing lists, and it's recommended to direct questions and contributions to the lists so your queries get noticed. If you don't want to subscribe and receive regular emails, you can browse the lists via web or NNTP and send mail without a subscription.

Most user-relevant discussions happen on netbsd-users and current-users, while the main developer-relevant lists are tech-userlevel and tech-kern.

Mailing lists and archives (as an alternative: MARC)

Online chats

  • IRC - NetBSD channels are available on the following IRC networks:

    IRC channels may not be active all the time, especially after midnight in Europe.

    If you don't immediately get a response, it's better to leave the client open and stay connected and wait than immediately leave (if you quit the client, you won't ever get a response).

Internet forums, discussion groups, etc

Community-run public access servers

User groups and regional resources