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PsPc Machine



Is there any way to automatically start an application on Compact Flash under Windows CE?

The current status is that we have no idea. If you have any ideas, working code is welcome.

PsPc Machine

How does one give input to a Palm-sized PC with no keyboard?

You can connect vt100 to serial connector, and on machines that run X you can use on-screen keyboards.


Can I use an IBM microdrive?

Yes. If your machine supports IBM microdrive in WinCE, it will work fine. On the IBM z50, the IBM microdrive and PCMCIA TypeIII hard drive are supported, but beware, they significantly reduce battery life.

Does H/PC hardware have APM hardware?

There is no such thing as APM hardware. APM is a BIOS spec only. The Vr41xx CPUs support a course battery level only (very low, which is really good). There's nothing like a battery percentage in the hardware, unless it is an addon doo-dad.

Is a test snapshot with the IBM z50 LCD suspend available anywhere?

In the -current sources. If you want to use test code, build a kernel with ITE8181_LCD_CONTROL_ENABLE or change the ite8181_lcd_control_disable variable to 0 with gdb. For more information see src/sys/arch/hpcmips/dev/ite8181.c.

Does USB work on the MobilePro 8xx machines?

Yes. Some umass devices have strange errors, but most devices work correctly. Note that the USB port on these machines can only supply a max of ~500mA, so an externally powered USB hub is highly recommended.

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