Preinstalled NetBSD Systems

This is a listing of companies, that we know of, which offer systems that can be preinstalled with NetBSD. NetBSD is not directly affiliated with any of these companies, so if you have any questions about their product lines or sales, you should contact them directly (information on how to do so is located on their web sites).

If you know of any other places where one can buy systems preinstalled with NetBSD, please let us know.





United States


Planix, Inc.

Planix, Inc., provides NetBSD-based servers and small "appliance" systems. (Toronto, ON)


Damicon Kraa Oy

Damicon Kraa Oy, located in Helsinki, Finland, specializes in selling high-end servers based on i386, sparc, and alpha architectures. They also still keep old low-end sun sparcstations and spare parts in stock to serve sun-enthusiasts and other people who like to experiment. Damicon Kraa Oy ships worldwide.


Plat'Home CO., LTD.

Plat'Home has supported PC-UNIX since 1993. Nowadays, this one PC/AT compatible shop brews to the most important base camp for all of the PC-UNIX community in Japan. Plat'Home has contributed a PC Server to the Japan NetBSD Users' Group and also regularly release their own original NetBSD CD-ROM.

  • NetBSD/i386 preinstalled system.
  • NetBSD+KAME/i386 preinstalled system.
  • EIA Rack Mount Server System
  • RAID Server System
  • SUN UltraAXI/AXMP System

Qualest Co., Ltd.

Qualest is a pioneer PC/AT compatible shop in the Akihabara area.

  • NetBSD/i386 preinstalled system (486-PentiumIII)
  • NetBSD/arm32 CATS
  • RAID Server System
  • EIA Rack Mount Server System
  • Alpha 21264 System
  • UltraSPARC System


EMT is a company in the Tokyo area that sells computers to various companies and universities. They are also supportive to the Japan *BSD community.

  • NLX form PCUNIX preinstalled PC
  • UltraSPARC System
  • NetBSD/i386 preinstalled system
  • Diskalley system

Dream Techno Co., LTD.

Dream Techno is located in the Kawasaki area and sells SPARC systems. They support Unix system integration and development.

  • SPARC Ultra AXi
  • SPARC Ultra AXmp
  • SPARCengine CP
  • SVEC Rack Cabinet


micro systems

micro systems offer pre-installed servers (email, database, workgroup) as well as point-of-sale terminals and sepcialized infokiosk systems than run on NetBSD.

United States

ASA Computers Inc.

ASA Computers offers customized systems pre-loaded with NetBSD.

  • 1u, 2u, 4u rackmount servers.
  • IDE and SCSI RAID solutions.
  • PCs and Workstations.
  • Networking Products.

Chassis Plans

Chassis Plans offers rackmount systems configured to custom specification including operating system. We've sold systems with Unix, Linux, RedHat, FreeBSD and NetBSD installed as well as other operating systems. Our Manufacturing Engineers and Custom Service Technicians are well versed in non-Microsoft OS.


Envescent offers preinstalled NetBSD workstation and server solutions on a variety of platforms.

eRacks' mission is to provide you with reliable, competitively-priced rackmount systems and servers tailored to your specific needs. eRacks' system designers specialize in open source operating systems and software.

Net Express

Net Express is a California based company that has been around since 1989. They tout reasonably priced high-performance servers and workstations.

  • Celeron 1U Rack Mount Server
  • External Tower SCSI RAID Array
  • External Rack Mount SCSI RAID Array

If you know of any other companies that sell systems that can be preinstalled with NetBSD please let us know so we can include them in this listing.

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